Greeting Cards

In the early decades of the twentieth century, the Williamsburg Art Co. of New York produced a variety of postcard series with Yiddish captions, some with specifically Jewish themes and others more general. Although the company was based in New York, many of the postcards were printed in Germany. The series in the gallery below includes cards for various occasions marked by love and devotion—from the romance of two people building a life together to the love of two children orphaned after the death of their mother.

 “To you, to you, on quiet nights.

To you in the midst of the day’s noise.

To you in a little song, that I spin.

To you my thoughts fly!—”

Mammeleh, my little crown, lean down to me.

Mammeleh, my little heart, give me your cheek.

How wonderful it is to hold your head in my hand.

Your cheek is like sugar, like sweetness, delish!”

“Up, up, raise your eyes.

Flowers in hand.

Two lovely little birds

Two children side by side.

They walk and tremble

One step at a time.

A watchful guardian at their side.

A mother-angel nearby.”

“Love builds on God’s earth.

Its heavenly Eden.

We’ll be together there.

And never will part!”

“And little bells ring.

And little birds sing.

But more beautiful than they is your voice.

Oh, sing me your ‘yes’ for once.

Oh, sing me your ‘yes’ for once!”