Mills Music Library Exhibit

Mayrent Collection Materials on Display in New Exhibit

The Mills Music Library’s new exhibit Press Play: Recorded Sound from Groove to Stream explores the evolution of recorded sound across time and medium. Among the many different artifacts and recordings featured are several items from the Mayrent Collection. The Mayrent material on display includes:

  • Assortment of pink, maroon, and black Lambert Cylinders, Chicago, circa 1901-1905. 4-inch Cardboard-Base Cylinders.
  • Case 1.  Cylinder recording of Small, Solomon, “Tahne nit” is on exhibit playlist.
    Berland, Sigmunt. “Jidel Mit’n Fidl.” Saturne S-211, England, 1950. Picture disc.
  • Case 5.
    Berland, Sigmunt. “Chiri-bim – chiri-bom.” Saturne S203, England, 1950. Picture disc.

You can see these items and more on display through Dec. 22 in the UW-Madison Memorial Library’s ninth-floor Special Collections area. For more information on the exhibit, click here.