Graduate Seminar: Yiddish Homes

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Announcing the 2024 Mayrent Institute Graduate Seminar

Yiddish Homes

May 14-16, 2024
Madison, Wisconsin

The Mayrent Institute of Yiddish Culture invites students to apply to participate in a seminar on Yiddish Homes. This seminar is open to graduate students at all levels.

Yiddish Homes intends to raise a series of salient questions in contemporary Yiddish studies, including but not limited to:

  • What distinguishes a Yiddish home?
  • Where and when is one “at home” in Yiddish?
  • How are Yiddish homes gendered?
  • How do questions of Yiddish and domesticity intersect?
  • And how have Yiddish homes been textually, materially, or theoretically constructed at different times and in different spaces?

Students will explore these questions in sessions led by an interdisciplinary group of scholars of Yiddish and Jewish studies, including Professors Leora Auslander (University of Chicago), Ofer Dynes (Columbia University), and Sunny Yudkoff (University of Wisconsin–Madison). One session will be conducted in Yiddish.

To participate in the program, please send your CV, brief biography (max 150 words), and an application statement (max 500 words) to by November 30, 2023.  Your application statement should indicate your interest in Yiddish Homes. It should also include two questions that the seminar theme raises for you in light of your own course of study.

We are also pleased to provide non-local seminar participants with two nights of hotel stay while in Madison.

Spots in the seminar will be limited. Participants will be notified of acceptance by January 15, 2024.

Please direct questions to Sunny Yudkoff, director of the Mayrent Institute (