It’s a curious feature that, in Yiddish, when one person says “Good morning!” (Gut-morgn / גוט־מאָרגן) the standard response is “Good year!” (Gut-yor / גוט־יאָר). It’s the same when you greet someone at midday, or in the evening, or on the Sabbath.

There are a number of thoughts as to why this might be. As we begin the fall semester when many of us are learning once again the power of greeting our students, colleagues, friends, and family in person, it’s a pleasure for the Mayrent Institute to wish everyone a hearty Gut-yor!

And it’s shaping up to be a wonderful year for Yiddish at UW–Madison with events planned—both on-line and in-person—that will highlight the diversity of Yiddish creativity. We look forward to welcoming musicians, singers, medical professionals, scholars, and culture-makers (kultur-tuers / קולטור־טוערס) to campus.

The work of cataloguing and digitizing the Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings also continues to move ahead. And it’s with great excitement that we announce the launching of the Barbara R. and Steven M. Balkin Judaica Post Card Collection. For some inspiration at the start of the new school year, be sure to check out the vast collection of Yiddish New Year’s greeting cards. The gallery is filled with well-wishes for a gut yor being sent by trains, planes, and automobiles.